Vračar Garden


From main landscaping plan – Greening of Vračar GardenCvetnik Company  


In Vračar Garden, there are always researches, creations, displays and comments of art through interactive dialog of experimental and established. That is the place for implementing programs and workshops of the Center of Fine Arts and Education, as well as for encounters between academic and general public. This way, Garden initiates a new platform that gathers children, young people, adults, artists, amateurs, in fact all the people interested in art and culture. Along with outdoor exhibitions, workshops and Center’s programs, there, in the garden, different forms of scene and cultural events such as theatre productions, performances, concerts, open discussions will take place.  

Vračarska BaŠta is an open active gallery space in Belgrade initially designed for displaying sculpture (garden of sculpture as a permanent exhibition), with emphasis on interweaving of sculpture with other art forms- visual arts, architecture, scene arts. That will be the place for reflecting on roles of an artist in shaping space, by investigating the position ofsculptor in contemporary art and curator practices. One of the goals in the future is organizing festival Garden of Sculpture.

Long-term vision of Vračarska BaŠta is organizing interdisciplinary projects, art camps and residential art programs, in addition of cooperation among institutions, national and international, and creating a platform for art and culture with a steady position in the region.

Vračarska baŠta is supported by  City Municipality of Vračar. Architectural and landscape planning began in autumn 2012.

Main goal of this project is creating of an inspiring environment, of a versatile space which will be used as a ground for research of the space itself and relation existing between work of art and space, an individual and space.  That is an extensive and open process in which many artists participate willing to create spaces which are personal and public, important to an individual as much as to community. 
PhD Romana Bošković

'We can retreat. If there is a need to colonize an outdoor space, architecture is not enough. Outdoor isn’t just an exhibit of single works of architecture like paintings in a gallery; it’s a living environment of a complete human being who occupies it by being static or moving. It needs more than pictures in a gallery, it needs drama which could be released everywhere around from earth, sky, houses, trees and levels...' 
Gordon Cullen

Supported by City Municipality of Vračar, Belgrade

Special thanks to FORING GROUP d.o.o. Enterprises, Belgrade