The title of this project is inspired by Milena Pavlović Barilli painting created in 1937. Idea originated from collaboration of Šumatovačka – Center of Fine Arts and Education and Omen Theatre.

Intended multimedia performance Silence is actually a staging and sort of homage to Milena Pavlović Barilli, her cosmopolitan and versatile spirit which is reflected in the authentic art that she created.

Milena Pavlović Barilli is world-renowned artist who inspired many of her contemporaries as much as generations that followed by her paintings, poetry, illustration, fashion designs, costumes, stage designs.

One of the reasons for her global recognition was that she succeeded to overcome all the barriers by her universal visual language.

This project deals with social status of woman in general, especially of a female artist – her existence which is yet not defined and appropriately positioned in our region. From a wider perspective, the subject is a universal struggle, existence of an artist in the era of art being valued in commercial terms.

Based on the information about Milena Pavlović Barilli, we defined artistic media for animation and depiction of her world – through dynamic multilayered spatial images: by combining modern technology (video projections and digital animation) and classical theater techniques (shadow theater, puppetry, and dance/movement).  We will try to represent the complexity of Milena’s character- her rich and dramatic life which influenced her art full of symbolism and deep spiritual content, by different layers regarding media that is used.

Concept made by: Gordana Lebović (Omen Theater), Jelena Stojanović (Šumatovačka – Center of Fine Arts and Education);
Directed by: Gordana Lebović;
Art direction (stage and costume design, puppets): Jelena Stojanović; Production of Šumatovačka – Center of Fine Arts and Education and Omen Theater, Belgrade, Serbia;

Co-production: theater Malo pozorište Duško Radović, Belgrade, Serbia;

Partners: theater Bitef Teatar, Kuća legata (Belgrade Heritage House), Belgrade, Serbia and foundation/gallery Fondacija Milenin dom – Galerija Milene Pavlović Barili, Požarevac, Serbia.