is perennial project which deals with phenomenon of river Danube regarding art domain. By using concept of microurban interventions in public areas around river Danube, it initiates a revival of those spaces, cultural points of Danube corridor are being mapped and created and therefore enabled to be active in the sphere of culture and tourism.


The basic idea is positioning of Serbia and Serbian artists on European map of contemporary monumental sculpture praxis. At the same time, it is about providing international artists with new ways/space for the expression. This symposium is also of an educational nature significant for students – future sculptors who would be given an opportunity to realize their first working practice as assistants to selected artists. The significant feature is meeting of professional artists, cultural workers and individual practice exchange, team solving of mutual problems.


Author of the concept and project art director: Nedim Hadžiahmetović Mafa, sculptor.


Partners on the project: Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Culture and Media, Belgrade municipality Novi Beograd, cultural institutions: UK Palilula (Insitution of culture Palilula) and KC Grocka (Cultural Center Grocka).