Vesna Bogunović

Vesna Bogunović gained her Master Degree on Universitiy of Arts in Belgrade (Theory of Art and Media) and Bachelor Degree of Faculty of Science and Mathematics.

Since year 2009.  in charge of Center of Fine Arts and Education – Šumatovačka as a general manager. While her appointment in Šumatovačka, she initiated numerous projects such as: Šumatovačka Art Collection – Work in Progress,AIR- Artist in Residence Program, Danube Mobile Eco Art, Roma Meanders, Art Dictionary, Science through Image, Creative Educational Centar- That’s my school too, Artistic Wonders, Pedagogy Café …

Previously worked for almost twenty years in BITEF Theater and BITEF Festival. During her employment in BITEF, she worked in a different positions: as a marketing manager, art manager, art director/selector’s assistant, general business secretary, project manager, official BITEF web editor, co-editor of BITEF and BITEF Theater catalogues. 

Attended following seminars organized by Center for Professional Development and Consulting of the University of Arts in Belgrade: Marketing and Management in Culture, Public Relations for Institutions of Culture, Cultural Diplomacy, Festival Management, Cultural Tourism, International Relations and Cultural Collaboration, Management in Musical Theatrical Arts.

She is a member of ceveral international associations: International Dance Council (CID), Paris, France; IETM, International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, Brussels, Belgium; ENPARTS, European Network of Performing Arts, European Union;  New Art Net – International Network of Managers in Performing Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. Also a member of Organizing Comitee of Pedagogy Forum for Stage/Scene Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.

Studied painting with PhD Đorđe Sekulić, doctoral studies in fine arts.

She finished Course for antiques restoration (teacher/restorer: Milan Kovačević)

Advanced knowledge of English and Russian language, elementary knowledge of French and Italian language.